The Rise of Black Sierra…

Mit “Black Sierra” ist ein neuer Single-Player Mod für Unreal Tournament 3 angekündigt worden. Angesiedelt ist der Mod im Horror Genre, gespielt wird im Kooperationsmodus.

High in the mountains of Black Sierra, recent mining activities have driven beasts of unknown origin from their underground lairs in fear. Unleashed upon the stocks of the secluded towns throughout the mountain, the creatures who have no reason to fear man spreads through the towns in a feeding frenzy. A few weeks later with various reports of missing persons, a team of Search and Rescue workers are sent up in a rescue effort, during a violent tranmission ending from the Search and Rescue workers, the county issues the mountain under unknown hostile attack. Your squad, a highly trained police force from the state is sent up to the top of the mountain to rescue all personnel and eliminate the threat. After an encounter between your squad and the beasts, objectives are re-issued and it becomes your priorities to make it down the mountain alive. Reversing the usual process of making you start from the beginning and work your way to the end, Black Sierra sends you from the top to the bottom as you are sent from town to town to find any means of escaping the horrors alive.


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