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Gewinnsiel: Unreal Tournament 3 Vario-Pads zu gewinnen

Unser letztes Gewinnspiel liegt schon ein paar Tage zurück und so freuen wir uns Euch endlich wieder ein neues Gewinnspiel präsentieren zu dürfen, zu gewinnen gibt es 3 Unreal Tournament 3 Vario-Pads von COMPAD.

Alles weitere zum Gewinnspiel findet ihr auf folgender Seite: Gewinnspiel.


Zweiter UT3 Patch: Jetzt aber wirklich!

Nach dem ganzen hin und her gestern. Jetzt ist der UT3 Patch v1.2 (sowohl für den PC als auch den Linux dedicated Server) offiziel verfügbar:

Mirrors (PC):

Linux dedicated Server Patch 2:

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Zweiter UT3 Patch: Beta4*

Jetzt gibt es schon die Version Beta4 des zweiten UT3 Patches:

No, you didn’t miss beta 3, it just wasn’t worth sharing :) .

This version is substantially the same as the last, with some important fixes: The scavenger exploit, webadmin refresh issues and a few other tweaks.

Quelle: PU.com

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iD Tech Camp

Könnt ihr euch noch an unser UT2003-Trainingscamp erinnern?

Für UT3 gibt es jetzt ein Camp in Amerika: iD Tech Camp (Link auf Wunsch von Internaldrive entfernt). Dort werden Spieler wie Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel UT3 Strategien vermitteln.


iD Gaming Academy Presents Camp Fatal1ty™

Learn How To Play The Fatal1ty™ Way

(February 8, 2008) iD Tech Camps announces their new limited-edition course, partnering with Johnathan “Fatal1ty™” Wendel. Fatal1ty, the world’s best known professional gamer, is collaborating on curriculum development for this exclusive summer camp course. The announcement of this partnership is the very first in the summer computer camp industry. Teen gamers attending Camp Fatal1ty™ will learn advanced Unreal Tournament® 3 skills from athletes at the top of this sport, like world-renowned professional gamers and members of the Free Player Organization.

Dedicated gamers will be introduced to a variety of Unreal Tournament 3 tactics and strategies developed by Fatal1ty and other professional gamers, which have been honed in international competitions. Teen academy students will test their new battle skills against students in tournament play. They’ll also learn to create machinima and build highlight video reels of their best in-game moves and shots.

“We want to partner with the best! We chose the iD Gaming Academy”, said Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, the world’s best known pro gamer.
Fatal1ty is hands down the most accomplished, professional gamer in history and is the breakthrough name and face of what has become a large scale, legitimate sport. As the world’s most famous gamer, he spreads enthusiasm wherever he goes and, in the process, has become the sport’s worldwide ambassador. Like any other professional athlete, he trains for hours a day and analyzes his performances by watching videos of himself in action–all with the goal of being the best in the world.

Fatal1ty is a naturally gifted athlete who competed in many sports including tennis, golf and football before devoting his full time efforts to gaming. He continues to use daily physical training to maintain and hone his genetic gifts of quick reflexes and lightning fast hand/eye coordination.
“We are excited and honored to partner with Johnathan on this new initiative. With this new collaborative offering, we continue to provide cutting-edge instruction to our teen gaming students. Professional gaming is a fast growing profession”, said Pete Ingram Cauchi, president and CEO of iD Tech Camps. “We want to give them the opportunity to make their dreams possible.”

iD Tech Camps instructors, arriving to teach from as far away as Europe, will be at the cutting edge of this budding profession. iD Tech Camps is dedicated to finding the best instructors to teach their courses and this new course is no different. Dedicated gamers will be introduced to tactics and strategies developed by Fatal1ty and other professional gamers, all with international competitions under their belts.

“The cutting-edge iD curriculum, Play the Fatal1ty Way™ was co-developed by iD Tech Camps and Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel and is exclusively used as part of our program”, noted Steve Gould, President and CEO of Auravision.
Camp Fatal1ty™ is a 2-week course offered at Emory University, Stanford University, UCLA and Villanova for the summer of 2008. The tuition includes room, board and activities. Visit the iD Gaming Academy website for complete details and to register for this limited course: www.idGamingAcademy.com.

About iD Gaming Academy
iD Gaming Academy by internalDrive, Inc. immerses teens in the dynamic world of video game design. Courses include Camp Fatal1ty™, Game Modeling with Maya® and Game Programming. Each session spans two weeks and are located at Emory University, Stanford University, UCLA and Villanova University. Programs are taught by top tier instructors with demonstrated game development skills and pro gaming experience. Students use powerful, industry-standard applications like Autodesk® Maya®, Adobe® Photoshop®, and some of the latest, most popular commercial video games for instructional purposes and serious game play, like Unreal Tournament 3. A major game development studio tour will anchor each session as we learn first-hand how industry professionals create premier commercial games. Visit www.idGamingAcademy.com or call -1-888-709-TECH (8324) for more information.

About Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel
Johnathan became the world’s first full time professional video gamer in October 1999, when he placed third at the CPL’s Frag3 tournament. Two weeks later he was invited to represent the USA in an international tournament in Stockholm, where he went undefeated with a perfect performance, winning all 18 maps and losing none. He has continued to dominate competitions all over the world, competing on 6 continents during his 8-year professional career, including a Gold Medal finish for the USA at the 2000 World Cyber Games in Seoul, Korea.

Winning the 2005 CPL World Tour Finals in New York City secured his twelfth Major Championship and tenth world title, accomplished while competing in 5 different games – an unprecedented achievement. His New York City victory earned him $150,000 and brought his 2005 total winnings to $231,000. During his competitive gaming career Fatal1ty has placed 1st in 65% of all the competitions he has entered and top 3 in 90% of them.

Johnathan has joined forces with DirecTV’s Championship Gaming Series as exclusive commentator, global spokesperson and advisor to help take video gaming to the next level. For more information please visit www.fatal1ty.com.

Quelle: BU.com

UX Fun Cup

Die ersten Teilnehmer haben sich nun angemeldet. Habt ihr auch noch Lust auf ein paar UT3 Matches? Dann meldet euch doch hier!

UX Cup!

Habt ihr Lust mit unserem neuen UT3 Bereichsmoderator warlord_7 ein kleines UT3 Tunier zu bestreiten? Dann meldet euch doch einfach mal hier!

UT3 Demo reservieren!

Ab sofort bietet Fileplanet seinen Usern die Möglichkeit die Unreal Tournament 3 Demo zu reservieren, um sie gleich nach dem Release runterladen zu können! Datum steht leider keines dabei!

UT3 @unrealEXTREME.de

Lange mussten die News zu Unreal Tournament 3 noch im UT 2004-Bereich ihr Dasein fristen, aber damit ist nun Schluss, hiermit ist der UT3-Bereich von unrealEXTREME.de eröffnet…