UT3 Demo schon in den nächsten 2 Wochen?

Zum Thema UT3 Demo hat sich Mark Rein jetzt auch im offiziellen Epic Forum zu Wort gemeldet:

Just wanted to give you a heads’ up that we’re getting pretty close to releasing the Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo for Windows. The Beta Demo will allow instant action play against bots as well as online multiplayer. The purpose of the Beta Demo is to test the game on a large variety of hardware configurations and get gameplay feedback from the community. The development team feels they’re pretty close to being ready to release this so it could come out this week but for safety sake I’d say it should be out within two weeks.


Once upon a time someone on one of our forums asked me if I’d tell him if one of the UT demos was within two weeks and I said “it is more than two weeks away“. Somebody misread that and decided I said it was two weeks away – which I didn’t because at the time we had no idea when it would be out. So me saying “two weeks” became some sort of urban legend I will probably never live down.

However in this case I *expect* the demo will be out within two weeks. Could be as early as this week but you never know what new bug will turn up that delays it a few more days but two weeks, in this case, feels pretty safe to us.


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    Das sind aber mal klasse Nachrichten heute!