BattleRPG V10.1

RPG und Invasion Fans aufgepasst: Es gibt wieder eine neue Version von BattleRPG !

V10 -> V10.1
- Fixed server crash when two people both having reflection magic shoot at each other.

V9 -> V10
- Implemented support for Galtanor Invasion 011 and (in theory) all future versions of Galtanor Invasion.
- Tweaked Quantum magic: While being slowed down by Quantum magic all damage is reduced to 20%.
- Tweaked Quantum magic: You now slow down at most 75% (4x) instead of 90% (10x).
- Tweaked Quantum magic: Amount of Mana for the first shot has doubled (2x the level).
- Tweaked Quantum magic: You no longer use Mana if someone is already hit by Quantum magic.
- New magic: Reflection, reflects 5% of all damage per level and reflects Quantum magic back to the owner.
- Game messages are now shown in the HUD instead of in the console.
- Fixed the VCTF radar problem, BattleRPG now fully supports VCTF.
- New ability: Vehicle Vampirism, per level 5% of the damage your vehicle does is added to your vehicle’s health.
- New ability: Vehicle Armour, per level your vehicles get 5% more health.

- New ability: Anti Vehicle Bonus, per level your weapons and vehicles do 20% more damage against vehicles.


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