UT3DOM Patch 1.8.1 in Kürze

Letzte Woche wurde ein neuer Patch für UT3 DOM veröffentlicht. Da  bei diesem noch ein Fehler gefunden wurde, soll in Kürze Patch 1.8.1 folgen. Den Changelog der Version 1.8 findet ihr unter “den ganzen Beitrag lesen” .

  • - 0000017: [Gameplay] Map change failing in instant action
  • - 0000018: [Gameplay] Map list is blank
  • Fixed issue with one player from each team getting points other teammates should be getting. The mod now correctly gives the points to the right players.
  • Fixed issue with at changing to the next map it would allways go to CDOM-Contrast
  • Fixed issue when trying to join a server, you either receive a error, get kicked back to the main menu, or the game crashes. This was because of the UTMT_Content file and this file has been removed from the mod.
  • Fixed issue with Bots not being able to capture control points.
  • Fixed issue with the MapList Struct not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with Map authors not being able to cook their maps.
  • Moved the config settings from UTDom.ini to UTGame.ini


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