MSUC Phase 1 Gewinner!

Inzwischen stehen alle Gewinner der Phase 1 des MSU Contest fest:

The Best New Game Type:

1. The Ball: Pehua, a single-player first-person puzzle mod with an Aztec theme by The Ball Team

2. Galtanor’s Invasion, a cooperative game type that pits human players against hordes of invading monsters by Michael “Galtanor” Wells

3. UT3DOM, a mod with Domination, Double Domination, Vehicle Domination, and Vehicular Double Domination game types by Mitchell

4. UT2D, a game type that turns UT3 into a side-scrolling shooter by Team Joe Bates

5. Battle Team/Freezetag Arena, a mod that contains four competitive game types by Nico “BattleMode” de Vries

Weiter geht es unter “den ganzen Beitrag lesen”:

The Best Deathmatch Level:

1.Salvation, a gorgeous multi-level map by Daniel “KaMi” Díaz

2. Calibrah, a map with beautiful visuals and notable weather effects by Matthias “sklare” Cytatzky

3. August, a stunning one-on-one level by Nick “neoduck” Donaldson

4. Acquisition, a thoroughly fun duel map for up to six players by Ben “Slainchild” Edney

5. Xiao, an ancient temple map with great gameplay by Sander “ZixXer” Vereecken

The Best Capture the Flag Level:

1. Touch, an extremely fun, medium-sized level with a highly coveted sniper nest by Cory “Spoondog” Spooner

2. React, an accessible, compact map with great versatility by Raffi “pinnacle” Bedikian

3. Safeguard, a map with a high-tech feel named for its signature alarm by Bryan “bazzwano” Sparksman

4. Ephemeral, a minimalistic yet elegant map set in an otherworldly temple by Stephane “aeternus” Perriard

5. Sloth, an urban-themed level supporting a range of combat styles by Opeyemi “Jayoplus” Ajayi

The Best Vehicle Capture the Flag Level:

1. Megastructure_SE, a popular map set in a colossal underground structure by Thomas “Setheran” Browett

2. TheDig, a map that uses a U-shaped battlefield to encourage varied combat strategies by Chris “Plutonic” Blundell

3. OfftheRails, a greatly detailed level set in and around a train station by Neil “plugh” Hodges

4. Luracia, a striking map set in a frigid, industrial world by Christopher “Twigsby” Smith

5. CanalWarfare, a map with loads of aesthetic and gameplay variety by Neil “plugh” Hodges

    The Best Warfare Level:

    1. Valley, a wintery map designed for nonstop action by Scott “Cr4zyB4st4rd” Coxhead

    2. MoltenCore, a level in which the battle for the core wages across fields of molten lava by Aaron “SmokeRingHalo” Woodland

    3. Beachfront, a map featuring grand battles in tropical training grounds by Nathaniel “_N_” Rossol

    4. InfectionForest, a level with dense forest vegetation and two primary nodes for each team by Bryan “Sanch3z” Cole

    5. Synapse, a map containing a countdown node that that fires a giant beam at the core by Josh “CaptainSnarf” Turpen

      The Best Character/Customization Pack:

      1. Rodents Faction (“Bunny” character), a mod featuring beefy, mutated beasts by David Hagemann

      2. Rodents Faction (“Zombie Mouse” character), a mod featuring beefy, mutated beasts by David Hagemann

      3. Project Stealth Custom Character, a mod featuring the new “Spy” character from the Project Stealth total conversion by Mason “goodkebab” Doran

      4. Hel Character, a mod with custom physics, materials and first-person arms by Arn “ShadowBlade” Richert and Nolan “Dark Carnivour” Richert of Runestorm

      5. Nyota, a mod including the female character belonging to the IronGuard faction by “Apoptoid”

      The Best Mutator:

      1. Sentinel, a deployable, automatic cannon with multiple weapons and upgrades by Miles Asva

      2. BattleRPG, a completely operational RPG mod that supports all UT3 game types by Nico “BattleMode” de Vries

      3. Excessive Overkill, a mod that turns every game into an over-the-top frag fest by Dan “MadNad” Woodall

      4. Psionic Storm, a mutator that allows players to levitate, become invisible, phase shift and more by Andrew Glover

      5. Apoc MatrixMoves, a mutator that enables bullet time, slow motion, bullet trails and other cool effects by Rob “[Apoc]Death” Gutermuth

      The Best Weapon:

      1. Thor Lightning Gun, the extremely popular weapon that that takes out enemies with an arc of electrical energy by Arn “ShadowBlade” Richert and Nolan “Dark Carnivour” Richert of Runestorm

      2. Pitbull Shotgun, a classic, close range weapon, easily capable of dispatching enemies in close quarters by Arn “ShadowBlade” Richert and Nolan “Dark Carnivour” Richert of Runestorm

      3. Mobile Portal Emitter, a weapon that allows players to place linked portals anywhere in the world by Keith Miron

      4. Coda Sword, a weapon in the Coda mod that delivers Instagib but with swords by Denrei

      5. RealWeapons, a mutator that replaces UT3 firearms with real world weapons by John “bez” Beswick

      The Best Tool:

      1. UWindow2, a powerful and flexible graphical user interface by James Tan

      2. UnrealScript Studio, an sophisticated UnrealScript editor by Sam Harwell

      3.Unreal Visualization Toolkit, a utility that creates heat maps and visualizations for levels based on aggregated player behavior data by Alastair Hebson

      4. skUT3, an advanced in-game server browser by Nicolas “SkorpSSS” Imbert

      5. UT3 Tweaker, a script that allows players to browse UT3 servers without running the game by Brad Gothard

      The Best Use of Physics:

      1. The Ball: Pehua a single-player first-person puzzle mod with an Aztec theme by The Ball Team

      2. Blockland, a deathmatch map with optimized physics and destructible environments by Simeon “Lord_Simeon” Spargo

      3. Nowhere, a deathmatch map featuring destructible environments, thunder, lightning and water foam effects by Remus Brailoiu

      4. Cubes of Serenity, a third-person 3D horror puzzle mod by Anna Beck-Thomsen, Lawrence Johnson, Jens Hammerhøj, André Johansen, Martin Larsen and Janusch Häring

      5. Unreal Demolition 2, a mod showcasing exciting and destructive vehicle combat by Dan Weiss

      Ingesamt werden 75.000$ Preisgeld wie folgt ausgezahlt: 1. Platz: $2500, 2. Platz: $2000, 3. Platz: $1500, 4. Platz: $1000 und 5. Platz: $500.


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