UT3 PS3 Patch 2

Es gibt nun auch endlich den auch zweiten UT3 PS3 Patch! Er installiert sich automatisch wenn ihr das nächste mal online spielt. Unter Den ganzen Beitrag lesen… findet ihr alle Änderungen.

Quelle: BU.com

  • Dedicated PC server support for PS3 clients
  • Various AI fixes/tweaks
  • Tweaked bot taunting frequency.
  • Players have priority over bots for touching flag.
  • AI difficulty tweaks.
  • Improved bot decision making for whether to attack node or enemy.
  • Bots don’t camp orb spawners as much.
  • Improved AI for locking node with orb.
  • Improved low skill bots use of SPMA.
  • Added bot taunting animation support.
  • Improved bot informational voice message frequency and message selection.
  • Tweaked AI skill auto-adjust in campaign.
  • Improved AI for using Flak Cannon.
  • Improved AI for using Impact Hammer.
  • Improved AI for using Link Gun.
  • Improved AI decision making for whether target can be attacked.
  • Fixed replication of bot aiming pitch.
  • Fixed core damaging exploit with shaped charge.
  • Avoid NaNs in angular velocity, coming from ToAxisAndAngle.
  • Fix for assert trying to replicate zero FQuat (eg. replicating physics before struct has been filled in)
  • Fixed issue where hoverboard failed to be created.
  • Fixed not always showing portraits for banter during campaign.
  • Duel match ends if one player leaves.
  • More fixes for stats reporting (suicides in some cases).
  • Remove “Orbs Scored” stat from game since it wasn’t used
  • No quickstart if only one player in instant action match.
  • Fixed cases where players weren’t getting proper scoring bonuses for prime nodes.
  • Fixed stats credit for translocator telefrags.
  • Force respawn if no teammate bots in campaign.
  • Adjusted “too close to attack” range for Manta and Viper.
  • Fixed cases where SPMA could shoot through a wall it was up against.
  • Increased incoming shell sound radius.
  • Fixed manta crouch at full speed exploit.
  • Pop vipers out of water if underwater.
  • Fixed some rail turret replication issues.
  • Improved rail turret controls.
  • Fixed sporadic sorting issues with instagib and shock beams, and occasionally other effects.
  • Fixed flag icon scaling on minimap at different resolutions
  • Fixed orb scaling in minimap at different resolutions.
  • Improved gib lighting.
  • Fixed clients seeing full redeemer explosion when non-guided redeemer is shot out of the air.
  • Fixed cases where orb spawner didn’t properly animate in network games.
  • Fixed gibs not showing for clients of listen server if the gibbed player wasn’t visible to the server player.
  • Fixed gibs not showing for clients of low-gore listen server.
  • Fixed big head mutator not popping at lower LODs.
  • Fixed LOD settings for fallback character mesh.
  • Improved character lighting.
  • Fixed foot placement for nearby visible players getting on hoverboard.
  • Fixed rocket launcher switching away on client before firing last three loaded rockets.
  • Fixed weapon overlay sometimes shown with hidden hands.
  • Fixed some environmental stats
  • No friendly fire mutator in Duel.
  • Fixed “player” non-existent bots showing up in voice command menu.
  • Adjusted “last second save” message priority.
  • Don’t allow berserk mixed with speed freak.
  • When paging up/down on a list, when it wraps around, just wrap to the first/last element of the list, not the first + a page, that makes short lists (1.5 screens high, etc) kind of messy
  • code fix for red searchlight not following red marker


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