Tactical Assault Interview

Vom UT3 Nachfolger Tactical Assault wurde vor kurzem ein Interview zum Thema Charakter Entwicklung veröffentlicht. Hier nur ein kleiner Auszug:

S: Ok, today I want to talk about player characters, since this is one of your main roles at the moment in the team; I would like to start by asking what is it like to develop a character for a game engine like UT3?

L: Well, first it was pretty hard because I never modeled any characters before, I had to learn how to rig them, how the weight system works and also had to keep in mind that some parts need to be able to move right.
So this is all new for me and pretty hard. Proto asked me when I joined the team if I would like to try some character modeling, that’s how I started on it and now If I can choose between modeling a gun or a character I would choose a character, I’m really starting to like it and want to go deeper into it, I enjoy a challenge!


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