The Haunted 2.01

Zum Zombie Mod The Haunted 2.0 gibt es einen Updatepatch.

-added new version of stronghold with improved lighting and post processing

-added french localization file. Thanks Romain ‘Darck’ Gaullier

-added a protection radius around human players in battle and demonizer where normal monsters cannot be spawned

-fixed iron jack fire looking too lush

-Listen server admins can no longer see or pickup the drops of other players, but you now have to press use to pickup a ammo box.

-fixed being able to push soulstones off high ledges

-reduced red vignette effect when your health is low

-when destroying a soulstone you now get some health

-reduced damage multiplicator in coop

-fixed being able to switch weapons while aimed

-when trying to pickup a weapon box with a fully upgraded weapon, it now displays a message telling you that the weapon is fully upgraded

-reduced manalishi poison-spike-kamikaze damage by 25%, but he can now damage you while rolling.

-improved monster bandwidth usage

-fixed occassionaly performance drops with many monsters in the level

-fixed being able to spectate and enter the game again while you are dead

-optimized blood and fire shaders

-increased playerspeed and added a bit more delay time between rolls and jumps

-fixed monsters damaging players while they are kicked

-reduced environmental hazard chance

-increased reaction time for monsters when they use melee attacks

-increased nitrogen launcher projectile speed

-furion orb now deals a small amount of radius damage when destroyed

-sniper zoom now with next/prev weapon

-releasing melee while its not fully charged now makes a punch when it should

-various minor fixes

-Updated installation instructions in the readme file

-compatible with UT3 Patch 2.1


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